Welcome to the web site of W4THX.com here you will find my latest pictures and stories of my ham radio adventure over the past 50 years!

 I was first licensed as KN9ULN in Chicago Illinois in 1959 and upgraded to general a few years later. The picture at the right is my shack in 1961 the same year Roger Maris hit his 61st home run! Base ball was a big deal to us kids back then and I would collect the news paper clippings and hang them on the wall along with the QSL cards! 

 In 1965 I was drafted into the US Army During  the Vietnam conflict. I was stationed at the Aberdeen Proving grounds in Maryland as an electronics instructor. We taught basic electronics and control systems on Huey helicopters. Our base station at the time was a full Collins S line and a massive stacked beam, lots of pileups with that setup!

 After I returned home I traveled a bit and wound up at SIU in Carbondale Il . That was 1969 and things were changing, but my love of the hobby stuck with me. For the next 6 years while attending the Buckminster School of Design I worked in shops and opened my first business fixing Stereo and audio equipment.

After traveling around the country for a few years I arrived here in Florida in 1980 and opened up my present business... audioworkshop1.com  Since then I have been collecting and restoring vintage ham gear.

I upgraded to Extra a few years ago and acquired the vanity call sign of W4THX

I thought it sounded cool and reflected my work in home theater and audio installations.

The pictures on the right are some of my collection. I have become partial to old National receivers and have acquired a few gems over the years my favorite being the HRO5t... a beautiful  set! 

 My collection of Vibroplex keys includes a highly coveted pristine original Blue Racer! 

I feel extremely lucky to be part of the "Ham Radio" experience, it has provided many hours of enjoyment and a connection to my early years learning code and being thrilled at the sound of DX!

So thanks for visiting... I will be posting new pictures of more vintage ham gear soon!... 73's Be
       Mario DeSario   Bradenton Florida
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My shack in 1961:Heathkit DX40 and VF1 :Hammarlund HQ145 I still have the J38 key and my K9ULN QSL card, many fond memories here working 40 meter CW late into the night!
Some of my boat anchor collection! Here you can see some of my favorite radios that I have collected over the years. First is the HRO5t in the upper right hand portion of this picture. It has worked flawlessly since I bought it at a Carbondale Illinois ham fest in 1975, the other National radios here date to the 1930's all working. The rack in the back has some of my Hallicrafters , two of which were my first Novice sets, the SX85 and SX99. Below you can see a Hammarlund HQ180-170 and HQ145 which was my other radio in the picture from 1961. You can also see my collection of Vibroplex bugs on top which include a few classics and a original Blue Racer!
Below left is my museum of old radio parts, gadgets and mikes.
Above is my current operating position, I have since added a  Kenwood TS590 which is now my primary station rig. The picture above that is my current project, a AM Kilowatt station consisting of a Johnson Ranger and Thunderbolt and a Hammarlund SP600. I feel very fortunate to have become a "Ham" at a young age and kept up with this hobby all my life, it still provides many hours of enjoyment and excitement.....73's Mario
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